How to Solve: Dirty Water after Water Disruption

How to Solve: Dirty Water After Water Disruption

Gentle reminder to ER-series outdoor filter users during water disruption period.

1. When water disruption occurs, remember always turn off Valve 2.

2. After water supply is restored, the water may appear brown or coloured.

But don’t you worry, you can just do a backwash to restore clean water.

Please refer to this video on how to do a backwash:

3. Water supply interruptions may cause airlock (the problem that arises when all water from water storage tank is used up).

To avoid airlock, try not to use all the water in the tank.

4. If your ER series outdoor filter is leaking from the air release valve. You can fix it by yourself DIY.

Please refer to this video guide:

A little do you know: There are always sediments that are settled at the bottom of the water tank.

When the water tank becomes empty during water disruption, incoming water that arrives after water supply is restored will stir up these sediments and mix them with water, causing water to be cloudy or brown right after a water disruption.

By Bacfree Water Filters, Engineering Team

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