How Clean is Our Water?

How Clean is Our Water?

Did you know that irrigation water may be a toxic mixture?

Pesticide overuse, illegal logging, urban growth and the contamination resulting from human and industrial activities affects strategic water systems, river systems, catchment areas, lakes and dams.

This has left over 1 million people in several districts without water supply as the water treatment plant operations have to be shut down to ensure safety.

It means the food that we eat on a daily basis is under threat from a contaminated water system, poor soils, poor agricultural practices and many more.

Many town areas also suffer from rusty and foul-smelling, coloured water caused by old piping systems. The quality of water and water ecosystems impacts human health.

It’s time to get serious about water contaminants.

Dangers of poor industrial water filtration can lead to a host of different problems. Depending on the specific industry in question, the consequences may range from regulatory to business to health.

Based on an article written by Murray Hunter, entrepreneur, consultant, academic, and researcher,  associate professor at the University Malaysia Perlis.

Info sources from Asia Sentinel and The Star.

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