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Bacfree Roadshow at The Starling Damansara

Bacfree Roadshow at the Starling

We’re back, but not quite the same spot this time. We’ll be at Level B1, just in front of Jaya Grocer!

If you’re still looking for that water filter or dispenser for your home, don’t miss us!

9 – 18 April 2021
Level B1 (In front of Jaya Grocer)
The Starling Damansara

Watero-UF Smart Water Dispenser

Multi-Temperature Water Dispenser: 5 Water Temperature Settings

25°C best for your room temperature drinks

45°C best for your baby’s formula milk

60°C best for your nutrient-filled honey drink

85°C best for bringing the maximum aroma for your cup of tea

100°C water temperature matters when it comes to brewing great coffee!

ER19SM Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Filter

Which filter model/size should I choose? (ER19M, ER19S/SM, ER28S/M)

The theory is simple, the higher the filter vessel volume in the water filter, the cleaner the water, because there is more space for the filtration process to take place in the tank.

The ER-Series filter is specially designed with a specific height and width so that the flow of water has sufficient contact time with the filtration media layers to get the best absorption and filtration of the water.

There are 3 main sizes:

ER19M (Basic): 3 – 5 pax in an intermediate home (single or double storey); 48 Litres
ER19S/SM (Standard): 5 – 7 pax in an intermediate home or Semi-D; 66 Litres
ER28S/M (Premium): 7 pax and above in a Semi-D or bungalow; 130 Litres

Naturally, the bigger the filter vessel volume, the better the performance of the filtration process, too.

Luna Pro Automatic Backwash Outdoor Water Filter

Do you always forget to do backwash for your outdoor water filter?

Luna Series equipped with an automated filtration system which includes automatic backwash with customizable settings.

Pre-set the date and time whenever you want.

EVO Automatic Backwash Condo Water Filter

The Evolution of Outdoor Water Filters.

The first wall-mounted outdoor water filter for your modern lifestyle.

Evo is equipped with an automated system which includes automatic backwash with customizable settings and filter lifespan reminders.

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