The HEALTH SPRING Way to Total Wellbeing

BACFREE® Health Spring Ionizer System produces ionized water through advanced, highly effective filtration and electrolysis processes that offer amazing health-inducing benefits:

  • Antioxidant effect against harmful free radicals & ageing process
  • Enhance immune system
  • Accelerate the removal of harmful toxins & metabolic waste
  • Effective cleansing and disinfection
  • Improve hydration
  • Enrich the taste of food & beverages


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Advanced Patented Technology

The world’s first reverse current self-cleaning feature

BACFREE® Health Spring Ionized Water System exchanges the positive and negative electrodes in 1/50 second, during the water ionizing process to prevent buildup of magnesium and calcium ions on the electrode panels. The electrode panels will self-clean for 10 seconds.

Double Certified by JAPAN JIS and TAIWAN SGS

First Lead Removal Hollow Fiber Membrane Cartridge

BACFREE® utilizes hollow fiber membrane with unique ions exchanging resin to effectively remove water soluble lead, chemical contaminants, harmful microorganisms and other pollutants from the water.

Advantages of HealthSpring Ionized Water Systems

Health Spring Complement Your Daily Well-Being

pH 10 -10.5
  • Remove pesticide residues on fruits or vegetables.
  • Remove unpleasant smell of fish and meat by soaking them for 20 mins.
pH 9 – 9.5 
  • Relieve constipation via highly soluble and permeable ionized water  as it facilitates bowel movement.
  • Reduce the astringency of the tea and make it mellow.
pH 8.5
  • Individuals who are consuming ionized alkaline water for the first time are advised to start from pH8.5 to gradually adapt.
Clean water
  • Ideal for the preparation of infant formula.
  • Consume medication with clean water to retain its medicinal properties.
pH 5.5
  • Disinfection properties of weak acidic water is effective in toning and skin firming.
pH 2.7
  • Natural powerful bacteria disinfectant for cleaning wounds, sanitizing toys, and even chopping board.
  • Improve the conditions of athletes foot, fungal infections and ringworm by soaking your foot for 15 minutes.